Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Way of the Wise Heart


Living in your Wise Heart

Awareness and Compassion are the root of living in the wise heart. When we are in this place in our being, we are able to see the magnificence and beauty in a single flower regardless of the surroundings. The very presence of being in the moment allows us to open up beyond our logical mind, into our greater being and we can experience our existence fully. Compassion allows us to let go of judgement and honor the other as ourselves. Compassion for ourselves allows us to find deep gratitude in our life and being. In life there is pain and sadness, but with a Wise Heart we can find deep joy and peace as we move into acceptance and Love.

This Fall, Aarastyn Holistic Awareness will be offering Wise Heart training through practice that allows us to... step by step... Open our Wise Hearts. 

Contact Lori at 250-723-3307 or email 

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