Friday, 7 November 2014

Animals as Therapy

We share our space with incredible beings! Unfettered by preconceived notions of propriety, professionalism, judgement, and the "self", animals have so much for us to learn and gain from their presence. 
Many of us clutter our minds with thoughts of what is and what was and what will be, as we move through our days completely ignoring the world around us. We think we are connected because we have put everything in its place, identified it and given it a name and the title of what we think it is. We decide what it is to be healthy, to treat the earth, to live right, or to be in the "right way". We manifest healing for everything around us, as we decide what is right for everything according to our own view and opinion. We decide there has to be a specific role and continuity according to our rules. And we miss out on living.
As we get lost in our thoughts and take offence to all that does not agree with us, we miss the gentle breeze or the thrill of play, we pay no attention to the miracle that is our body and its partner that is our mind, we do not see the beauty that we are surrounded by, the insects and the grass, the whiskers of our pet as they brush against us. 
When we emerge from our thoughts and become openly aware, we begin to live as an animal. In the moment. Our senses open up and we reconnect with our own inner being. We feel, see, smell, hear, touch, and sense the world around us in vibrant present life. 
By having animals around us and connecting to their love of life, we begin to see the benefits of a good scratch, working towards our favorite treat, and simply being close to another without wanting or needing anything but the connection. Animals teach us that we can react to the world around us and let that reaction go the second it is no longer necessary. They teach us not to dwell in the past lest we miss out on something wonderful in the now. They teach is that the future has no bearing, as we cannot gain anything from it now. They teach us not to take ourselves so seriously and to be humble as we never know what is coming next.
But most of all, they teach us that we can be forgiven when we screw up. Would that we could all learn this lesson.

In Light

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